Monday, August 20, 2007

Classic Elite FLASH - Yarn Review

While we were on vacation I got to go to 'real' yarn shop - Yippee! We have no such thing in my tiny town...

I was pleasantly surprised - the shop owner came over (of course) to see if she could help me and when I told her that I didn't use animal fibers - she graciously switched gears without even batting an eye and steered me over to some cottons - then she left and came back with a sample book and offered to order anything that I wanted...

I explained that I was on vacation and appreciated the offer - at least with a sample book you can touch the yarn and see the colors - as opposed to internet shopping - but I chose Classic Elite Flash in the Gulf Green colourway - this is their description of the yarn:

"fiber: 100% Mercerized Cotton gauge: 4.5 - 5
manufacturer: Classic Elite yards per skein: 93
recommended needle: 7 machine washable: yes

This soft tweedy multi color cotton that is perfect for any spring or summer project. Flash is made up from 3 strands of different colors. Great for kids-- it is machine washable."

The Gulf Green colourway is three distinct strands - olive green - lime green and sea blue...

As soon as I finished the tennis socks as cast on for 'Monkey' socks at Kala's suggestion

I've only completed the first pattern set - but I love the yarn

It has a silky feel and a little shimmer - but it does tend to split pretty easily...

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