Monday, October 29, 2007

Campanula progress

I'm still working on my first ever toe-up socks - and I'm just about to turn the heel - YAY!
You can still get the pattern at

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

FO - Monkey

The Monkey socks are finally finished - I had 2 birthdays and a friend's new baby to knit for in October - so they've been languishing in my knitting bag for a few weeks. I'm calling the yarn shortage redesign a "reinforced toe" hehe - sort of like my son's 'gold toe' socks.

...and another sort of funny thing - I'll be back in Bismarck this weekend and could get more yarn - we'll see if I want to bother ripping back and completing with the 'right' yarn...

I like them a lot - they're comfy and they fit well and they look good with blue jeans - I think they'll be nice with shorts next summer too...

Now it's on to the Campanula socks - remember I wanted something nice and lacey for the Bernat Cotton - I think the pattern is still available for a donation...