Monday, August 20, 2007

Yarn review - Schachenmayr Bambino

I'm still searching for the perfect sock yarn. It doesn't help that the ones that look most promising aren't available in Finland.. HINT HINT (I want to win)

Anyhow. One I loved to knit with was this wonderful baby-yarn I'm now reviewing.
110m/25g skein
60% cotton, 40% acrylic
30 stitches x 42 rows = 10cm (4 inches)
knit with 3mm needles
I bought this yarn a little before my cousin/godson was born. (I think it's so weird I have a godson.. I'm not even a member of any church anymore). It was on sale at the time. I think I bought 3 or for skeins of the blue for 1,50€ each, then the rest of them (4 of the white and one of the orange) for 0,75€. I like cheap yarn.
I was a little afraid 'cos the yarn felt just a little rough to touch. And I thought that's very weird for something that you're supposed to make stuff for babies with. But when I started knitting with it I understood: the knitted fabric was way softer. Nice! I think the yarn is durable, and sturdy enough, while still being soft. And I love the little bits of colour in the otherwise solid colour yarn. They look great when knitted, just look:
(winning would be nice)
Aren't these cutest? I think I knitted these with 2,5mm needles. I made just basic socks for my godson last october, a little after he was born. And I love the result. And so did his mother. I don't think (for as long as they fit him) the child went anywhere without them.
I still have all the yarn in the first picture. I'm just hoping someone I know would get knocked up, so I could make cutesy baby bootys or socks with it. I think I would have enough of the white yarn to make me sock, but I think I'll save it for someone cuter.
(did I mention I wanted to win this?)
P.s If you think you found some hidden little messages in this text you are obviously going grazy, and should contact your doctor immediately ;)

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Süßstoff said...

Very funny!
Yeah, we here in Europe really don't have any good vegan sock yarn, do we? I was just searching for some when I saw your post. Unfortunately I can not recommend anything so far.

I hope you win. We are really left out over here, so you deserve it.