Tuesday, August 7, 2007

To block or not to block socks, that is the question.

I'm beginning to make some progress on my anklet sock(s). Of course I had a few setbacks, where frogging became necessary. But overall, it has been an enjoyable experience. The yarn is nice to knit with and seems to knit up very soft. However, I'm guessing only a real wearing will tell if they are comfortable or not. Below are two pictures I took of the Sockina sock yarn (55% cotton, 25% nylon, 20% acrylic):
before knitting

and after knitting through to the heel flap

This is my first time using self patterning yarn and it is kind of fun...although I'm not sure I'm fond of some of the patterns. Maybe I'm missing something about how to work with self-patterning yarns.
Anywho, now that I'm past the gusset and moving on to the home stretch (too lazy to take a picture tonight) I'm wondering if I should block the socks when they are done.
I would love some advice on the matter.

If yes, then should I dish out the cash for some expensive blockers (24.00 - 29.00 US dollars) such as ones found at:


or should I do the home made wire hanger version such as with the directions found at:


Or should I just hang them on the clothes line and call it a day?

What is your opinion?


VeganCraftastic said...

I don't know if it's really necessary to block socks, especially if they aren't made from wool. In the book I've been reading, Getting Started Knitting Socks, the author says that the only time you would block socks is if they were going to be photographed and you really wanted the stitch definition to show. She also says that just wearing the socks is enough to block them to the shape of your foot.

affectioknitter said...

I don't block my socks - I wash them in the gentle cycle and then hang them on a little wooden clothes rack.