Thursday, August 2, 2007


Hey all! I thought I'd do an intro post too even though I of course can't win the sock yarn!

My name is Kala and I've been knitting for maybe 2 years now, I'm horrible at keeping track of time. I've been crocheting a little longer than that though. I haven't finished too many knitted projects, some hats, a scarf, mostly small stuff. I got really into sock knitting recently though, especially after listening to Lime and Violet. I'm crazy picky about how comfortable I need my socks to be so I thought it was great that I could make them exactly how I wanted them to be. Plus, they're just fun to knit and very portable.

I've been vegan for a little over six years now and I live with my boyfriend whose been vegan for like 12 years. I live in Minnesota now but I grew up in California (both north and south, we moved a lot!) I spend a fair amount of time up north but mainly live in Saint Paul. When I'm not knitting (or reading knitting blogs, or looking throught knitting books...) I'm sewing, quilting, and doing other crafty things. I'm also in the beginning stages of a top secret yarn related business I'll be starting eventually. So that's me in a few paragraphs!

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Dawn said...

Hi Kala,
Thanks for introducing yourself. I think you should still put yourself in the grab bag:) I'm very excited to hear more about your "top secret yarn business."