Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Black Stitch Yarn

Ok. This is totally unfair as this Hibiscuitsgirl is no longer making this yarn. But I loved it so maybe I can get a few tips from her on where she got the yarn to dye.

The Black Stitch yarn was a fingering weight 100% cotton sock yarn dyed in several colorways. Pictured above is "stronghold" which Hibiscuits girl was kind enough to send to me free in exchange for trying it out since it was new.

I knit some basic ankle socks using a mock cable pattern for the leg and a stockinette top of foot and reverse stockinette on the sole.

This yarn is shiny and soft to the touch. It is very smooth so at times using the Addi Turbos was trying but it would have been great on bamboo needles. It does not split easily at all - the plies were very tight and held together well. I made the socks for my big fat size 10 feet with just a few yards leftover from a single skein, which at $12 normally was a great deal. I'm very sorry I didn't order more while she was still making it.


Anna said...

I have some of this yarn in coffee trader (think that's what it's called!) but I've not figured out what to do with it yet, definitely toe up as I'm not sure how much sock I'll get from the yardage. Sad to see vegan sock yarn disappear....

VeganCraftastic said...

That's too bad that she's not selling the yarn anymore, I should have bought some way back when I first saw it. I would also be interested to know where she got the base yarn that she dyed.

Dawn said...

Maybe if we all emailed her and begged for more, she would be willing:)

Vegan Knitting said...

Unfortunately, she closed her whole shop because her family just moved and she couldn't handle it right now. Perhaps she'll open up again in the future. I really liked her colors.

Yes, Anna, do toe-up (That's what I did) so that you can see how much. It really depends on the pattern you use. I would have had a lot more left over if I hadn't used cabling or if I'd used a lace pattern. Hibiscuitsgirl made some for herself with a lovely lace pattern and hers were really tall.

I will e-mail her and ask about the base yarn. It was tough to get mine on because of the lack of stretch and the tightness of my cable pattern but I would happily get more and use a different pattern.