Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Pick-Me-Up Socks/ yarn review: Rowan RYC Classic Bamboo Soft

Here they are. Didn't take too long. Not suprinsing when your knitting with 4mm needles, and most of the time only have 44 stitches per row.

I made these with the wonderful bamboo yarn I bought yesterday. (clicking the link will also explain why these are called pick-me-up socks)
The yarn itself was so lovely I just wanted to make a simple pair of toe-up socks. These socks will probably be something I sleep in.

A little review of the yarn added later on:
On this review I'm going to use the highly technical pro/con-list. Try to keep up ;)
(yes, sadly I am trying to be funny)
Rowan RYC Classic Bamboo Soft
100% Bamboo viscose
50g/ 201 m (112 yds)
25 sts x 30 rows= 10cm/4inches
3,75mm needles/ size 5 US
+ just feel the yarn! it is so soft you'd want to run the skein on your
cheek over and over and over again
+ it comes in fabulous (a little metallic) shades of colours. too bad my
LYS didn't carry the darker grey..
- as a fan of cheap things I wouldn't mind if it would cost a little
less. (my LYS selss it for 4,45€/skein)
+ knitting with this yarn is almost dreamy. it slides through your fingers
like a little river of satin.
- it splits into strands a little too easily to my taste
+ since it is so thick knitting socks with it does not take too long
- I don't think it'll prove to be the most durable sock-yarn
+ wearing socks knitted with this yarn will feel like your feet would be
surrounded with kittens
+ most importantly the yarn and the socks succeeded in their task of providing
me the pick-me-up I needed!
(There will most likely be some odd spelling, just try not to mind. English is not my native language)


affectioknitter said...

Hi Torrance,

So sorry about your accident - I'm glad it's not going to deter future donations too...

Very pretty little socks - and fast...


Süßstoff said...

That's so funny! I just posted my yarn review on this yarn on Vegan Pal 2. I didn't think about knitting socks with it yet, so that's a great idea.

Anonymous said...

"wearing socks knitted with this yarn will feel like your feet would be
surrounded with kittens"

Cutest mental image ever!!! Thanks for the great review.