Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Me! Me! Me!

So, I'll write a little something about my favourite topic: ME!

I'm 21 (by the end of the year 22), and live in Finland. I have lived here all my life, but I'm not planning on living here 'till I die. I'm a nursing student. I'm vegan (no kidding??) and loooove knitting (no kidding??). My other passions include music, movies, friends and karaoke

I didn't always love knitting. In Finland they teach us to knit in school in 5th grade (I think.. too long ago to remember) I used to HATE knitting back then, but I generally dislike everything that I have to do. I knit my frist socks in the 7ht or 6ht grade ('cos I had to) And they took me the whole year. I'm not sure if I ever even finished them.

In February 2005 I thought it was about time to pick up knitting again, and to my suprise I loved it. The first project I did then was socks made with some very chunky cotton yarn, and I finished then in a few days (see pic below) The feeling of pride was almost overwhelming. After that there haven't been too many days when I have not been knitting.

I don't really have a favourite yarn, but I have been known to like many cotton-acrylic blend yarns. I have been fondling some luchious bamboo at the yarn store, but I couldn't afford bying it as much as I would have needed. Maybe I'll buy enough of it to make socks. Socks are my favourite things to knit. I think socks are the comfort food of knitting.

Feel free to ask more, and try not to mind the possibile spelling mistakes


(By the way, I picked up that name from a dumb movie! I loooove dumb movies)

(P.S. I think I should win 'cos I don't think you can get that yarn from Finland :))

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Dawn said...

Hello Torrance!
I loved your sock picture. You have inspired me to get out the digital camera and take a few pictures (sock related pics, of course).
I also don't like being forced to do anything and I enjoy your rebellious spirit.
I look forward to learning more about you, your sock adventures, and Finland!