Thursday, November 19, 2009

cheery autumn socks

i finished these yesterday and wrote about them on my blog but thought i'd update this one a bit by posting on here too. these are knit from panda cotton in red cinnamon. i knit two-at-a-time (knitpicks tute), so broke into 2 balls from the start, but as i like my socks short, i think i have enough for another pair (maybe these?):

inspired by some anastasia socks i knitted for a friend a while back, i knew i wanted a spiral pattern but didn't fancy the yarn-overs. so, i just cast on a toe (judy's magic cast-on) and started knitting spirals of purl stitches at various intervals.

after the heel turn, i wasn't sure how to continue the interval spacing, so just distributed the purl clusters randomly through the round and knit on. this resulted in pretty much undistinguishable spacings, so i'll have to console myself with knowing they're different - even if they don't look it.

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Vegan Knitting said...

These are quite lovely! The pattern goes great with the colors, and such cute photos!